A “Teenage Crisis”


Adults aren't the only ones to have these midlife

There always comes a point in life that you just stop and think, “What the heck am I doing with my life?”

I am at this point right now.

You see Monday the 21st was my birthday, my 16th to be exact. (If you didn’t know, already I’m a teenager). So I kinda dressed up and tried to have the best day possible, even though I had to go to school. (As I will explain in another article the reason why school is not my favorite place). I could actually say that I had a good day. Of course there was nothing too extravagant, nor did I receive anything extravagant, but the people that mattered the most to me acknowledged this and that was enough for me.

I didn’t have a party, as some people would decry. Instead, however, I wanted to go on a trip to Washington D.C, and I got it. I’m super excited to go.

Fast forwarding to the main point however, I realized I have less than 2 years left before I go into the real world; before life really hits me. Now to older people reading this, you might say that teens have nothing to worry about; that this is the easiest time of their lives. This statement is truly 100% false. Although we might not have to deal with the paying of bills and other adult responsibilities that are challenging, but we  also have to deal with difficult things as well.

We live in a society that so heck-bent on perfect well, everything. The burnt-out, lazy high school drop-out does not cut it anymore. If you don’t have an HS diploma, you are nothing. Grades and test scores define you on everything these days, regardless of how well of a student you are. All A’s – you’re smart; All C’s and D’s, you’re dumb, and that the way it is.. This is a difficult and almost impossible standard to reach, but yet we try to achieve it anyway. Not to mention tests, college applications, extracurricular activities, grades, life lessons, and growing up. All wrapped up into 4 years that ultimately has a large influence on where you’ll be for the rest of your life.

It’s great to be a teenager.

For me school has never been easy for me growing up. I’ve had people make fun of me about anything and everything you can think of, ostracized from my peers , and bullied – in all types of forms. This is a story for a different time, but the point?  Now is no exception.

All I’m saying is that  this time in any teens life is critical, and I’m slowly figuring out my way to guide myself through it, (with help from my parents of course). At the end of the day however, the only person that can decide where you go and what path you take is the man in the mirrior; and this is a big pill to swallow. But all I can do is take it slow.

One (careful) step at a time.





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