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Why do I do this?


This is for all the people who aren’t like everyone else. People who are strange, creative, and innovative. People who might be shunned because of their differences, or just feel simply invisible to others. For those of you who aren’t “normal” to everyone else-this blogs for you.


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I struggle with….

Instead of me speaking about something, I’m curious to hear what you think.

Every week I’ll  have a different prompt starting today. This weeks prompt..

What do you struggle with?  Complete the sentence I struggle with..


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The one thing everyone is afraid of.

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Something everyone is afraid of doing

Everyone as their own set of fears-heights, spiders, clowns. The one fear everyone has is failure. As much as we hate to do it, it’s a necessity in order to succeed in life. For example, one of my outside activities is marching band. For those of you who are strangers to this, it involves instruments such as the clarinet, trumpet, flute etc., learning music and then playing it while moving across a football field. Now before I say anything else, this is very laborious and repetitive activity, but the end result is worth all of it. Although I’ve done this for a few years now, this is something I  constantly mess-up and fail at all the time (much to my displeasure). But, as much as I mess things up, the better I seem to become at it.

So flashback to last week, I was in rehearsal. It’s a week before our first competition and everyone is nervous and anxious especially since we the said competition the year before. Me being myself, I am meticulous with every move I make and assume I’m not doing something right. I am a perfectionist, and as much as it is my greatest weakness, it is also my greatest strength. I second guessed myself during the middle of the show and-WHAM!- fell down, flat on my left side in the middle of the field- while everyone else was still moving. Now, let pause this moment right here, to  clarify something. I do not play a woodwind instrument, but I”m on the drumline  and I carry a 30-35 pound snare drum. So not only did I fall, but my entire drum came down-on top of me. And I did what anyone would do-pick myself up and jumped back in with everyone else, wincing the entire time.

When we were done, of course some people started laughing at me (as if I wasn’t embarrassed enough already), while others checked in on me asking if I was okay. I even got a few hugs from some people. But then, one of the guys on the line said that the little fall I took was “savage.” In my mind I was thinking “What in the world was he talking about? that was the most horrendous fail ever.” He then said that as fast as I fell down was as fast as I got back up and kept going. That got me thinking about how absolutely right he was.

As badly as I messed up, I showed that I was strong enough to get back up and get in it than lay on the floor or pull myself out because of it. Maybe sometimes success isn’t measured by  how much we win but by how much we are able to pull ourselves together when everything isn’t right. Who would’ve thought our greatest victories in life could come from our biggest epic failures?

Funny isn’t it?

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